remember when zayn tweeted he was taking a bath and then didn’t tweet again for a month and we all thought he drowned because he can’t swim

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juicyapplejuice said:  All time low or fall out boy?

fall out boy :)

Anonymous said:  however you support jared leto despite these things he's done?

i don’t support him. i simply ignore what is being said about him. if someone says he’s a bad person i’m not gonna try to convince them he’s not because they might actually be right. i think i didn’t express myself clear enough, it’s hard to explain the way i percieve him, you might have seen me talk about how hot he is and stuff so that’s why you think i support him but i don’t, i just like the way he looks not the way he acts. basically i’m in love with his image not the whole person.

frozen + pink

Send me 2 bands and I’ll say which I like better. 

Anonymous said:  Okay as long as you are aware of it's that alright thank you for being mature and I hope you have a lovely day :D

thank you, have a lovely day as well :) and btw, i don’t have idols, i learned that i shouldn’t believe in what celebrities claim they are the day my chemical romance broke up

Anonymous said:  Omg, was that anon serious? I mean, if you glance at it quickly, I guess your icon kinda looks a little like Jesus, but it's clear once you get a good look at it that it's not him!

i know, i still hope it was a joke but someone unfollowed me after i answered to that question so idk

Anonymous said:  I'm really sorry if this comes off as rude but do you know that jared Leto is a rapist and very abusive to women? He tricked a lot of groupies into sleeping with them and he was very abusive towards them I can't give you links because the content of it is really triggering to me but you may want to look it up again sorry if I sounded rude I just thought you should know as you idolise him maybe not knowing how awful he is

no you’re not rude at all. i understand you and i heard these rumours before so i know they’re real but truth be told, even if i may come out as an ignorant, i like the idea of him and not actually the person he really is. in my mind, he is totally different than who he is in real life and that’s why i choose to ignore all the things that are being said about him. and i don’t idolise him, as i said, i idolise what i imagine he is like (which is far from the truth)

oh the perks of connecting your tumbr to facebook

oh the perks of connecting your tumbr to facebook



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"A dream is only a dream until you decide to make it real."